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MEET THE ELEVEN from Eleven The Movie

Carrier Air Group 11 was commissioned on Oct 10, 1942 as (CVG-11). They recorded a large number of “firsts,” establishing its place as one of the US Navy’s top fighting air groups.


In June 1943, pilots and aircrews from CVG-11 conducted the first daylight raids off Guadalcanal Island during the fighting in the Solomon Islands and New Georgia operations during World War II.


During its second combat tour (1944-45) CVG-11 participated in operations over Leyte Gulf, French Indochina, Formosa Island, and China while flying off the deck of the USS Hornet. For these operations, CVG-11 was awarded the Presidential Unit Citation.


The legacy of CVG-11 carries on today as Carrier Air Wing 11 (CVW-11) headquartered at Naval Air Station Lemoore and attached to the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz.

VB-11 Bombing Squadron with SB2C Helldiver landing on USS Hornet (CV-12) aircraft carrier during WWII

MEET THE veterans discovered after the film's release

During the film tour, four more Air Group Eleven veterans came forward to be interviewed!

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