Air Group 11 Exhibit @ USS Hornet

Visit the Air Group 11 Exhibit at the USS Hornet - Sea, Air and Space Museum in Alameda, California!

The two-room exhibition is located on the second deck and was overseen by guest curator, Tim Hampton, in coordination with the Collections and Exhibits Department personnel. Room #227 traces the history of Carrier Air Group 11 from 1942-1945, during which time the pilots and aircrews served combat tours at Guadalcanal and onboard USS Hornet (CV-12). Room #229 recreates a two-man stateroom depicting the living quarters of VF-11 pilots, Gerry Coeur and H.B. "Rabbit" Moranville along with their squadron mascot dog "Gunner" in December of 1944.


The Grand Opening of the exhibit coincided with the premiere of "Eleven" on the USS Hornet for Veterans Day 2014. Many of the items were donated by the veterans after they were interviewed, and several were able to return for the event as Verg Bloomquist cut the ribbon for the Grand Opening.

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