[Aug. 2019] The Hawaii premiere was held at the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum on Ford Island. Joining the screening was Richard "Dick" Miralles, a veteran of Air Group 11. Dick was a gunner in the SBD Dauntless and returned back to Ford Island to share his story of his first crash landing there in 1942.

[Feb. 2019] A tribute screening was held at UC Berkeley for the Midshipmen of Naval ROTC in honor of MIA flyer, LTJG William Henry "Bill" Maier, class of '42. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Navy came and selected thirty five members from NROTC. Bill was one of them and they became: THE FLYING GOLDEN BEARS

[Dec. 2016] Prior to the screening at the U.S. Naval Academy, Verg Bloomquist and Bob Fitz got to finally reunite-- the "Eleven" co-stars hadn't seen each other since they flew TBM Avenger's off the USS Hornet in 1945. They were able to sit side-by-side and watch the film together with midshipmen for a memorable night!


  • High Desert Center for the Arts

    • Victorville, CA​

  • Planes of Fame Air Museum

    • Chino, CA​

[Jan. 2016] Following a screening at the Museum of Flight, "Eleven" co-stars Verg Bloomquist and Jack Cocks take questions from the audience.


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